Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people. 

Little meetings for big change.


What is inpower?

COVID-19 has utterly changed the world.  Tragically, we can’t change this.  But we can change our response.


We will all need increased agility, perspective, and balance to build our new normal.  But how can we learn this? 


How can we know what we don't know?

These Inpower Meetings offer a scaffold designed to help you, together with whatever 'team' you choose, gain the many skills needed in this new world.  

Taken together, these tools will give you the power to influence what happens as the future unfolds.  To Inpower yourself, your friends and your family.

Whether you are 2 or 102, the skills covered in these Meetings will help you live a happier, more successful, and purpose-driven life.



Can I self-isolate...from my family?

One mom sent me this photo on April 5th with the following caption:

 “My kids have had enough of us & are self-isolating…in the garden 🤣”

Another dad created what he called a ‘zen den’.  He and his very VERY energetic young son built a fort using chairs and bed sheets. When anyone needed time away, they could go into the Zen Den to chill.  Pillows provided. Regular reconstruction needed, but that was part of the fun. I never learned who used it more - the children or the parents!

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