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About Sue

Sue Kumleben has worked in the rapidly developing field of Parent Coaching for over 18 years.  From 2004 until 2016, she worked with The Parent Practice, a London-based consultancy. In January 2017, Sue was accepted to Stanford University's Distinguished Careers Institute.  While enrolled in a wide variety of Child Development and Master Teaching courses, she also taught parenting classes for Stanford students with children. One father commented that her class was “way more impactful than most of my classes here at Stanford”. Sue has lectured at schools on three continents, helped corporations in the UK and US, received a European-wide accolade from YPO, and mentored countless private clients.


Born in Buffalo, NY, Sue and her South African husband moved to the UK in 1992 where they have raised three children. How to explain leaving law for parent coaching? It was as a young mother that Sue noticed how many parents were living lives of ‘quiet desperation’. She soon joined the nascent drive to radically increase emotional intelligence, with a focus on families. According to Sue:


Man's new frontier is internal -- neuro-emotional knowledge. Knowing how and why we think and act the way we do allows us to make truly informed and therefore better decisions.  What you could call active mindfulness. People no longer need rely solely on ‘what comes naturally’; on instinct. Thankfully we don’t rely on instinct to fly airplanes or do surgery 

Yes, uncovering our unconscious can be deeply unsettling, especially when it concerns matters of the heart. However, this is the domain for our greatest growth. If mankind had avoided fire because it was new and hard to manage, we would still be living in caves. Today, we can manage the fire of our emotions; the incandescence of our sub-conscious thoughts. It is time to brave this new frontier.


Outside of work and family, Sue enjoys her tribe, reading, the arts, Arsenal, and sports. For her 50th birthday, Sue decided to run the London marathon.  Enjoying the challenge, she has since competed for both the UK and the U.S. in triathlon.

Educational Background

  • BA History, Williams College

  • JD, The University of Virginia Law School

  • MSc in Voluntary Sector Organisation, London School of Economics

  • Partner, Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute

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