Meeting 1

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Meeting 1 Guide

1. Start a Gratitude List

Write down one thing you are each grateful for on Activity Sheet 1.

Save this so you can add to it in the coming days.  You will use it in every meeting. 

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2. Start a Silver Linings List

This is a special kind of Gratitude List. It focuses on finding gratitude even within very bad situations – and make no mistake, COVID-19 is very bad.

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3. Deep Dive: 360° View


Print the Activity Sheets or grab a paper and pen.


There are four typical categories of ‘things we need or want to do’ every day or week. Not just during COVID-19, but all the time.

  1. TAKING CARE OF MYSELF (the most important right now)

  2. PLAY


  4. WORK

Each category will overlap with the others, which is why it helps SO much to have a scaffold. A scaffold artificially keeps the threads untangled enough to make a plan, gain perspective and see



On Activity Sheet 1 or a plain piece of paper, write down the things you need to do to take care of yourself.

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On Activity Sheet 1, write down examples of how you play.

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On Activity Sheet 2, write down ways you will feed your curiosity. To help scaffold the concept, consider these 4 options:

Take on a Challenge

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Perform a Random Act of Kindness
Explore Music, Dance, Art, Literature, Theatre, Museums…. 
Focus on a Learning Deep Dive


On Activity Sheet 2, write down one type of work you actually enjoy doing.

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4. Action Points


Talking can be a prelude to action, but talking without action is meaningless.  And pretty irritating.


Go back to your Activity Sheets: 

What do you enjoy doing the most?  Write it on a post-it and put where you will see it. For me, chocolate is probably second but working on this project is undoubtedly tied for first. 


How can you do MORE of YOUR favorite thing?  Not ‘How can I do ONLY my favorite thing all day long?’.  That might seem ideal, but too much of a good thing is too much. (Although a bit more chocolate wouldn't be that bad?)


And, is there one playful thing you could do RIGHT NOW? Go do it.

And, when you are ready, come back to 'do' Meeting 2, The Rose Bush. It is short, sweet and VERY powerful!

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