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Inpower Meetings

Inpower Meetings is a free resource for small groups to achieve big change.  The meeting kits provide a scaffold on which to build your new normal during the Covid crisis, and to enhance your skill set for whatever comes next. 


Use these meeting kits now to re-discover harmony, balance, and purpose together with your immediate family, friends, or colleagues.  Choose your team and get started.


Over time, the Inpower kits will enhance your skills for agile design thinking and perspective-based planning ahead, and will foster a true growth mindset.  In so doing, they will radically increase your power to influence what happens to you. 


We cannot control what happens to us, we can only control how we respond.  By improving our responses, these skills give us the power to influence our future.  To Inpower us.


Chaos need not triumph. We can.


Meeting 1

Meeting 1

Set up your Gratitude and Silver Linings lists. The deep dive is a 360-degree view of your daily needs and wants.

Meeting 2

Rose, Thorn, Rose Bud

Start small... plant your Rose Bush and learn how Gratitude and Silver Linings lists can change your world

Meeting 3


 This deep dive topic uses D.A.N.C.E. to organize family housework/chores.


Meeting 4


the agony, the ecstasy

You will learn about the natural fight/flight/fear reaction to threats, including COVID19, and how to manage that reaction.


Meeting 5

Distance Learning???

Ensure the whole family can look back come September, and say “That was a great Gap Term.”


Meeting 6

The New Normal Needs Routine 

Fill out your Weekly Clock and choose your style of schedule for the days and weeks to come.


Meeting 7

Lucky 7 Surprise!

Stay tuned...


Meeting 8

Concentric Circles of a Purpose-Driven Life

Drawing from Maslow's hierarchy of needs, consider how you might not only survive this time, but thrive and transcend it.


Meeting 9


Non (with a gallic shrug too, bien sur). Næ.

(or in Zulu, Cha or Xhosa, Hayi).

This meeting is all about what STOPS us from following through on all our great ideas from Meetings 1 through 8. And, of course, what can kick start action.

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